• 29 - 30 September 2018
  • ICC Sydney

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Katherine Schmitt | Event Manager
02 9422 2528 | Katherine@ReedPOP.com.au
My favourite kids toy is making a comeback - I can't wait to see the new Polly Pocket! 

Laura Blagys | Marketing Manager
02 9422 2013 | Laura@ReedPOP.com.au
Tickle me yellow, my childhood bedroom was decked out with Spongebob...everything!

Glenn Barrington | Sales & Partnership Manager
02 9422 2935 | Glenn@ReedPOP.com.au
Forget all the other colours, the Red Power Ranger was and will always be the best!

Alana Brettle | Event Coordination Manager
02 9422 2540 | alana.brettle@reedexhibitions.com.au
Pie Face is the latest hit in my house! Watching the kids laugh and their eyes light up during the game is priceless! 

Phil Batty | Operations Manager 
02 9422 2679 | phil.batty@reedexhibitions.com.au
Beep...booop....beeep, beeep, boooooop!