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We’re a bit more 21st century than the old can and string trick, so use your preferred method below to give us a shout. Our team will get back to you within 2 business days, but we’ll try for sooner! Meet our team below and reach out directly if you know who you're after. We're here to help. 

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Katherine Schmitt
Event Manager
02 9422 2528

My favourite kids toy is making a comeback - I can't wait to see the new Polly Pocket! 

Laura Blagys
Marketing Manager
02 9422 2013

Tickle me yellow, my childhood bedroom was decked out with Spongebob...everything!

Johnny Huynh
Account Manager
02 9422 2031

My favourite game is Street Fighter and I'm the king of Guile - let's challenge!

Ashley Sabbouh
Marketing Executive
02 9422  2558

It's always play time!


Peter Thompson
Account Manager
02 9422 2783

I love old school toys; Transformers, He-man, Mask. That is what made my childhood!

Glenn Barrington
Sales & Partnership Manager
02 9422 2935 

Forget all the other colours, the Red Power Ranger was and will always be the best!

Phil Batty
Operations Manager 
02 9422 2679 

Beep...booop....beeep, beeep, boop...