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Location Day Time
Main Stage
Saturday, Oct 5
2:15 - 2:45 pm
Main Stage
Sunday, Oct 6
1:30 - 2:00 pm

Matthew Kelly and Richard Higgins are THE LISTIES, a Kidult comedy duo who produce LOLS on screen, stage and the page.

Rich and Matt met way back in the dinosaur times (in the early naughties), performing in kids theatre shows by the likes of Andy Griffiths and Roald Dahl in shows like: Just Disgusting, The Day My Bum Went Psycho and The Twits. Rich played Mr Twit and Matt played Mrs Twit. They were directed by a kid’s theatre genius called Lynne Ellis.

Millions of years passed, ices ages came and went. And then one day they thought they should make a comedy show together and put it in the Melbourne Fringe. Rich wrote a title on his hand and registered them for five shows.

They made a bunch more shows: The Listies Do Compooters, Earworms, 6D (Twice as Good as 3D), The Listies Make U LOL, The Listies Ruin Xmas, Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark (co-created with and directed by Declan Greene); recorded two comedy albums, Drive U Crazy! and Go Bananas; and have written two books with Penguin, Ickypedia: A Dictionary of Disgusting New Words, and its sequel Ickyfoodia: The Ultimate Guide to Disgusting Food in 2017.

Influenced by classic comedy duos like Los Trio Ringbarkus, Lano and Woodley, Morecombe and Wise, Terrance and Phillip, Spongebob and Patrick, Tim and Eric, and French and Saunders, they made an absurdist, double act show for adults all about lists. It was called The List Operators.

Right now, they are based in Melbourne, Australia but regularly tour all over the shop. They are recording a new album, working on top secret TV projects and writing a new book. They are thinking of having a fart extractor installed in their secret batcave as Matt has been eating too many lentils...